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My wife has been holding my sons Halloween costume for some odd reason and he isn’t a child or anything, I mean he is 20 years old and she confuses me these days. She has been acting rather distant lately and I haven’t had the courage to really go up to her and ask her why she is acting so strange. She has been rather irritable but to be honest our marriage has been going downhill the last couple of years. All marriages go a bit dim after a while and when you have had kids and spent a good portion of your life with someone else, you will find it hard to even have a conversation. At least we haven’t divorced though. With my wife going through her weird mood swings I have been feeling rather nostalgic, it could be the middle age thing and I have been looking back at old pictures with me and my friends when we were younger. As Halloween draws nearer, she has become more erratic which is also another reason I have been looking back at the past.

I have secretly kept every picture of me and my friends when we were all young men and we use to go travelling a lot, before we all got married and had kids. There was a picture of all of us on a beach in Thai land and as I had remembered it first time round it was a wonderful holiday with all the blue skies, sunny days, clear water and great food. I wish I could go back to those day. My most loved picture of me and my friends in Thai land was the one where we were all on the beach and I asked a stranger to take a picture of all of us on the beach with our drinks in our hands. When I looked back at the picture now a surge of shock had hit me, the picture looked different. I am not talking about aging because all me and my friends have clearly aged since then, but the background was all different.

I remembered the picture being taken at the time and it was absolutely amazing with no faults at all. Picture should have showed me and my friends on the beach with the amazing sun and blue skies with the clear water calmly moving. Instead it was now showing a storm which made us all run off and I do not remember any storm happening in Thai land at the time of me and my friend’s holiday. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed going to Thai land and whenever me and friend catch up ever so occasionally at a restaurant, they all say positive things about it as well. When I phoned all of my friends to talk about our holiday, I explained how I had secretly kept hold of all of the pictures of our holiday in Thai land but also explained how it all looked different on the picture. I was surprised when not one but all of my friends who went on the Thai land trip said that it was a terrible experience with the terrible random weather and storms that had brewed over at Thai land. None of this made sense because I didn’t remember our holiday like that.

I hung up and I searched through other pictures and I found another holiday photo which me and my friends had gone to. This particular holiday we had all gone on after Thai land, none of us had enjoyed it as I had remembered it first time round. We went to a cold country this time and it was just full of storms and basically we couldn’t do much because the storms and tornados had pretty much ruined our holiday. I took pictures of the storms though but as I looked back at them now, it didn’t show storms but a sunny, delightful day where the air was nice and crispy. The type of day where the cold didn’t bother anyone, and the snow was just amazing. When I spoke with my friends about the second holiday we took after Thai land before they would have been agreeing with me but now, they were all saying how much they loved it. I remembered that holiday much differently.

I started to think that something was wrong with me and when I went down to talk with my wife, I could clearly observe that she wasn’t in the mood to talk. She kept on hugging my sons Halloween costume which he wore last year’s Halloween and as I had remembered he had gone to a Halloween party and got really drunk. I had to pick him up and he puked all over my car. I tried taking my sons Halloween costume off her hands, but she really fought back and she told me to go away which I did. I searched though more photos and this time I was looking back at some old family photos. I do sometimes miss when my children were babies even though it was very hard being a father at first and it did take some time adjusting my life as a father.

The first old family photo I wanted to look back on and managed to find was when my son and daughter were just small children. It was a sunny day and both my kids were playing in the back garden and that was a happy moment for all of us, but it was the picture which wasn’t agreeing with my memory. The picture which was one of my well-loved ones of my family, should have showed my two kids smiling at the camera as well as my wife in the background holding up 4 lemonades and this was how I had remembered it. This time the picture showed both of my kids running off because a snowstorm in the middle of summer had brewed and snow could be seen. I did not remember that day to be like that, for me it was just a perfect happy day.

I went into my daughter’s room to talk about the picture and surprisingly she could remember that day and when she looked at her older brother in the picture as a child, she started crying. I did not really understand why she was crying because the relationship between my son and daughter hasn’t always been the most civil. My daughter remembered that day with the random strange cold storm brewing over a summer hot day, but my memory remembered it all differently. I went down to my wife who was just staring into nothing really and still holding onto my sons Halloween costume. She slowly let go of my sons Halloween costume and she looked at the picture I was showing her of cold storm brewing on a hot summer’s day with both our kids in the picture running off before the snow touched them. She smiled a little and it was mainly on the image of my son as a child which she paid more attention to. When I asked her calmly what she remembered of that day she too exactly like my daughter gave the same response, but I was honest with her about how I had remembered that day.

I told her that I remembered that day being an amazing summers day where both of our kids played in the small sized pool, with burgers being cooked barbeque and my wife’s amazing fresh lemonades with ice went down nicely. She hugged me and then gave the picture back to me and went back to holding my sons Halloween costume. I went back up stairs to go an read a book and when I went to my room there was a book there, but it was the sequel version and not the first version. I went back to the library to give back the sequel version for the first original one but the library told me that I had already read the first version and gave her back that one for the sequel one.

She even showed me the cctv of me giving back the original first version of the book I was reading for the sequel version. I don’t remember reading the first version, but I took it anyway. I felt off and I was considering going to the doctors, but I didn’t feel ill or in any way damaged enough to go an see a doctor. These days doctors do not have the patience to deal with people who think or feel they have something wrong with them. I couldn’t stop thinking about the pictures and why everyone remembered it all differently and I was struggling to sleep. Also I kept on feeling like an idiot for returning a book I hadn’t read yet and got the sequel version instead, but I don’t remember doing anything like that.

The old photos of my past were worrying me the most and I went online to maybe find someone else who had been experiencing the same things as I had been experiencing. One thing I love about the 21st century is the internet because with the amount of information available learning has become easier. Not only has learning become easier but has made the world more connected and I could find someone on the other side of the world who has been experiencing the same things as I have been experiencing. No matter what you go through in life it always feels better when there is another person who is also dealing with the same problem. The feeling of being alone is the worst feeling ever.

Although the other down side of the internet is that it is so large and you have so many people who consider themselves experts its hard to distinguish who is correct and who is talking absolute crap. I couldn’t find much on what I was experiencing but now and then I would find myself reading deep into an online conversation on some forum which I don’t remember first reading. I also couldn’t remember why I started reading but it all had something to do with odd memory. I could also hear my wife arguing with my daughter about what we were going to do in Halloween as a family and out of all of the celebrations in a year, Halloween was my family most loved celebration. We preferred Halloween to Christmas, but my wife was against celebrating Halloween this year for some odd reason.

I kept on searching the internet to find someone else experiencing the same symptoms as I was experiencing and whether I really did need to go to the doctor. I was thinking dementia or even Parkinson’s disease but then another thought came to me. When I remembered looking back at the pictures what was different about them were not the people in them, but the weather. I looked back at all of the pictures in which I had a different memory of what the day was like, the weather was different not the people in them. The people in the pictures were obviously doing different things because of the terrible weather.

I changed my search on the internet from memory problems and illness to changes in background in pictures. I found absolutely nothing, and I searched hard throughout the internet. I went towards global warming forums and other weather forums to find people who may have had the same experience as I had experienced with the weather changing in pictures which were taken in the past. I had no replies and you know that feeling you get when you tried so hard but get nowhere, sometimes no matter how much you try it doesn’t mount to much. I heard my wife downstairs trashing all of the Halloween costumes and celebration gear we had always used for Halloween, I had to literally grab her because she was going nuts.

I shouted at her to explain to me what was going on and she simply shouted back at me why I was so calm and not even showing any symptoms like she was showing. I had no idea what she was on about and I had to sleep on the couch. Then one of the global warming forums I had posted on received a reply from a professor who taught at a university and his specialty was global warming and in general he has done studies about the weather as well as geography. I don’t want to go into detail about exactly who he is, but I was so glad I managed to get a reply to my strange post and not just a reply, but a reply from someone as educated as this professor was. I met up with him in his office a couple of days later and he told me that he himself had been experiencing the same symptoms as I had been experiencing.

He was straight up with me but his explanation about what we were both experiencing sounded completely absurd. He was drinking a little but his mind was still sharp and to be honest even though I don’t drink, I needed a little myself. We are all living in strange harsh times and how I can even prepare my own children is just impossible with what I had been told by the professor. I started remembering how simple times use to be back in the old days and the wisdom my generation were given which is now completely useless.

What the professor told me in his most logical way is that 21st century global weather is so bad that its not just going to affect the global weather of the future, but it is also affecting the global weather that has already happened in the past. This explains why some of the background weather in my old photos look different to how I remembered them. Then he had me look down at some papers or a book sized unpublished article about the strange effects of 21st century global warming. I was part on 20 but I don’t remember reading parts 1-19. Apparently, I was in his office for hours and hours just reading the article, but it only feels like I have been in his office just under an hour.

The strange memory is also caused by the 21st century global weather and with its effects on global weather in the past, this is going to have some affects on present day. 99% of the world population haven’t noticed anything weird but only a small 1% like me and the professor have noticed and felt what has been going all around us. If 21st century global warming is now affecting weather which has happened in the past and this will change how people acted in the past which will change the present and the future.

It’s a lot to take under.

When I went home my wife was still trashing all of the Halloween celebration gear and even my own sons Halloween costume which he wore last years Halloween. I asked why she was acting this way and she asked me the same thing. She asked me about the Halloween party my son went to last year and I explained to her how he got drunk and puked all over my car. It was a great night though.

"great night are you kidding me right now this is not something you joke about" she shouted at me

She told me that last year’s Halloween a terrible random storm came over our country. Flooding, snow and even a tornado wrecked a lot of people’s homes and way of life. Our son was caught in the storm and died, and I apparently found his body in the wreckage. I don’t remember any of that happening, but his body is buried in a graveyard which I checked out.

I couldn’t believe it and if you can’t remember it maybe you are also affected by 21st century global warming. I now understand why my wife has been acting so strange and why she couldn’t let go of my sons Halloween costume.

If you can't remember any random storm occurring last Halloween, well maybe the past has been changed again.
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